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Where my stride returns thanks to this deck’s ability to keep my plants on the field when it’s able to… and also Creature Swapping a Tomato with another Tomato.

At first… I wondered why he didn’t initially go for Gigaplant, as that would have done more LP damage to me… then I realise that it would have destroyed Supervise and I would have just summoned Gigaplant back with it’s effect and on my next turn I would have Normal Summoned it to get it’s effect back.

What basically happened here was that I got a few decent draws… then Black Rose Dragon happened and I couldn’t draw a decent card for shit after that. (not that I was really getting a decent draw in this duel anyway„, It’s… pretty much one of the few flaws of this deck that I know about)

Also this pretty much shows what happens if Power Tool can get itself set up… If I wasn’t able to get rid of it when I did, that would have been the duel then and there due to Fairy Meteor Crush’s effect to cause piercing damage.

My foray into CanisSkye’s third Yu-Gi-Oh! Pro tournament gets off to a start against Nitrolad, who is running a Power Tool Dragon based deck with the purpose of quickly summoning it and equipping it with all sorts of equip spell cards to raise it’s attack to insane levels.  not gonna lie, I was fortunate that in pretty much all of these duels against him I managed to quickly get cards that got rid of said threat, or prevented him from attacking so I could get the card(s) I needed to remove said threat.

My deck is, more or less, the same deck I used in the previous tournament which got to the quarter finals in the previous tournament, with a couple of minor changes to the extra deck… also I added a Creature Swap or two, as well as some Cherry Inmatoes…

You can get YGOpro from here. (you have to register with them now before you can download it)

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