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Where my stride returns thanks to this deck’s ability to keep my plants on the field when it’s able to… and also Creature Swapping a Tomato with another Tomato.

At first… I wondered why he didn’t initially go for Gigaplant, as that would have done more LP damage to me… then I realise that it would have destroyed Supervise and I would have just summoned Gigaplant back with it’s effect and on my next turn I would have Normal Summoned it to get it’s effect back.

What basically happened here was that I got a few decent draws… then Black Rose Dragon happened and I couldn’t draw a decent card for shit after that. (not that I was really getting a decent draw in this duel anyway„, It’s… pretty much one of the few flaws of this deck that I know about)

Also this pretty much shows what happens if Power Tool can get itself set up… If I wasn’t able to get rid of it when I did, that would have been the duel then and there due to Fairy Meteor Crush’s effect to cause piercing damage.

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